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Viewfinder, day 2.

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Today I will take a closer look to Viewfinder features but before we get down to business I’d like to mention that I finally signed up for a account in BBC blogs It’s easy and having an account will give you access to all the BBC blogs network, which is pretty extensive.

You will have access to the BBC’s most read blogs, latest post and in case you can’t leep track, you have a list of recently viewed blogs.

I am excited.

Today in viewfinder I found a new post about Insects. The images were submitted by the readers themselves (I have myself sent a few entries to this weekly challenge.)

I was expecting to find the same blog from yesterday about ‘domestic glamour’ and photography as a mirror of the real world, but I was mistaken. The entries are not following an set order, some have a day in between, others a week, but no more than a week. Maybe it is so because there are also other sections in viewfinder and the editor decides what to post and where; perhaps.

There are about 10 to 12 posts per month and needless to say, they all are related to photography and photojournalism. It seems obvious, but some other blogs mix topics and you find yourself more often than not, reading the news or being directed to the main site.

In the blog itself I’ve got a list of topical post as well as access to the last 12 months, in case I want to catch up.

Of course there are the ‘read more’ and ‘hyper links’ that internet users distinguish as quickly as they would mustard and ketchup. As with these dressings, links and other fixtures on the page complement our experience.


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February 4, 2011 at 4:17 pm

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