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And that was viewfinder.

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During five days I have followed BBC’s viewfinder and had a closer look at its functionality, design, features and activity. During this time I have also come across some interesting articles about the future and the role of photojournalism.

Things are moving fast.

With out doubt the way we receive and share information is changing. News formats are morphing and exploding to include text, video, audio, web generated content, and all the variations of this in between. It’s an exciting time. Now it is possible to control how we receive news and constantly websites are upgrading their features to improve our experience.

Viewfinder is just one of many examples of how blogging is changing, nurturing and increasing our understanding of what is going on around the globe.  

Today viewfinder hasn’t shown new activity, but it doesn’t mean that the flux of information and related content stops there. I have visuals complementing the stories and the analysis and links to the news all over the place. I too can chose to share it with the world through social sites such as facebook, twitter and other means, such as this blog.

In no other time in history people like you and I have had this tremendous opportunity to serve out local communities, and connect.

This retransmission of information, the control we have over it, is what empowers anyone using the internet, and that can have a remarkable impact on how society evolves and faces its own shortcomings.

And all of it starts and ends with your own words.


Written by Alexander Acosta Osorio

February 7, 2011 at 11:56 am

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