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This is perhaps one of the most important things you have to consider before hitting the road.

What do you want to photograph? – Yes, I am asking you.

There are countless subjects you can focus on, from nature to wild life, to people to events. 

The choices are endless.  If you are trying to take your photography skills to the next level there are a few things you must photograph before focusing on what you really want:

People: do portraits if possible. Try formal portraits, people posing, or capture some natural ones: create a theme. You can also ask one of your friends to be your model.

Animals: some think they are easier to photograph, but actually it’s all the way around. Try portraits, try angles: give them human-like features. Make them look at you.

Architecture: Try to find shapes, lines, patters and forms in architecture.  If you can pull off an architecture picture, you will be well on your way to creative photography.

Events: It can be anything, from going out with friends to eat, have a coffee, to a concert, a basketball or soccer game. take photographs from start to finish. Think of it as if you are going to tell someone a story in pictures. You want them to see everything you did. When taking pictures don’t ask your friends to smile at the camera too often, let them be, and then while they are themselves, take some pictures.

Things: take as many pictures as you want of various objects. Get as close as possible. Explore the object, observe. Once you have your series of photos on a object take a look at them all together, if possible.

Once you’ve done enough photography of these subjects–and when I say enough I mean thousands of photographs on these themes– then, you’ll start seeing things differently. 

 Give it time, and practice over time: that’s the key to improve.


Written by Alexander Acosta Osorio

February 15, 2011 at 2:50 pm

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