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We all know the drill. But what are the implications of plagiarism? Low standards? Amorality? Laziness? The list is endless, and not very flattering.

Who are you tricking with it?  Yourself? What’s the point? Do these shortcuts work? For what? Whenever you are faced with a blank page and a tight deadline, ask yourself that.  It works better than coffee.

I have been a university student for quite a while and I have taken a few courses in writing. Quite a few. I have always been taught to  ‘create my own lines’, ‘express my own ideas’ , but I have always been caught in someone else’s work, citing other authors with more time and more resources.

Becoming part of the dialog, and so on…


But what makes you work ‘original’?  Insightful analysis? Yes that works. Unconventional ideas? If writing fiction, totally.  If in college or studying journalism? Not really. Nothing counts more than the fact that you did it yourself.

It’s like paying your taxes and filing out the form correctly. You gotta do it. Otherwise…

How can someone  assign you to a project and be sure you will see it through if you don’t show attention to detail, a sharp eye and an analytical mind?  It all comes down to how well you can follow orders, process information and deliver. Quickly.

When writing you are following a format- like it or not. And you’d better be good at it.

It’s a question of skill, but mostly of trust.


Written by Alexander Acosta Osorio

March 2, 2011 at 10:01 pm

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