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Hey! Ask a journalist!

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Columbia University School of Journalism

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Percerceptions of journalism, curent state and it’s future in multimedia.

The topic of the day.

Sunds like a big deal.It might be bigger than you think.

To find some answers I facebooked Yaldaz Sadakova, a TV and Radio producer at Self-employed. Yaldaz studied Broadcast at Columbia University School of Journalism and currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

For those interested in communications and journalism learning from the experience of a working professional in the world of journalism is a great way to understand how journalism works and what practicces journalists have embreased today to do their  job. To understand the role that journalism plays in our lives and what it takes to become a journalist, hey! ask a journalist!

This is part I. We’ll try to stick to the 600 words.


Q: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself ? where are you from? what and where did you study? what are you doing right now? where? what’s your job?

A: I’m from Bulgaria. I studied political science and journalism at the American University in Bulgaria. Then I went to Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where I focused on broadcast. I spent a year in NYC working as a print reporter. Then I went back to Bulgaria and worked as a freelancer. Right now I am working as a freelance broadcast journalist in Brussels.

Q:As a self employed journalist, what is the most interesting and challenging part of your job?

 A: I wouldn’t say my freelance days are more interesting than my days as a staffer. The biggest challenge is discipline – being disciplined enough to look for stories every day, to pitch to editors and so son. Another challenge is that unlike having a staff job where you know that – despite working an insane number of hours – your salary is guaranteed at the end of the month, with freelancing this is not the case. It’s a bit like being a waitress – you have your good nights and you have your bad ones. While at least for me the variations in income aren’t too big from one month to another, there is still uncertainty.

Q: What are some of the most important lessons you have learned on the job?

A: There are so many! One of them is not to panic when I am on a tight deadline and a source who is crucial for the story still hasn’t gotten back to me. I’ve learned that usually one way or another, I AM able to get a hold of the person. Also, I have learned not to be afraid of technology. When I graduated from Columbia in 2008, I had a number of technical skills – editing audio and video, shooting etc – but I still had a certain fear of technology. Over the past couple of years, I have definitely expanded these skills – my daily work includes editing video and audio. Of course, there is still a lot to learn, but at this point, I’m excited about it, rather than apprehensive.

Q: what role has social media( i.e facebook, twitter, blogging) played in your job? how do you approach the web when it comes to your job?

I’m an obsessive Facebooker. The reason is that I have awesome friends who instead of posting what they had for lunch share interesting news pieces and other insights that I find valuable. Often, when I’m looking for a specific person to interview – or for someone’s contact information – I post my question on Facebook. It has helped me several times. Also, reading people’s posts and comments sometimes gives me story ideas. It’s always good to know what people have on their minds and social media, in that regard, is an invaluable tool. As for tweeting, my posts are about the state of journalism – because I find this discussion totally fascinating since we’re undergoing unprecedented changes.




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March 18, 2011 at 2:21 pm

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