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Hey!!! Ask a Journalist!!!

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For those interested in communications and journalism learning from the experience of a working professional in the world of journalism is a great way to understand how journalism works and what practices journalists have embraced today to do their  job.

 A few days ago I facebooked Yaldaz Sadakova, a TV and Radio producer at Self-employed. Yaldaz studied Broadcast at Columbia University School of Journalism and currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

This is the third and last instalment of ‘ Hey! ask a journalist!’


Q: do you believe in citizen journalism? what’s good and what’s not good about it?

A: Ah, this is such a complex issue. I have to admit I’m biased on the subject. We can’t discount the role that citizen journalism has played and will continue playing. But it is also true that to be a journalist, you need some kind of training. I mean, those of us who do it professionally, we don’t just do it. We follow certain rules in the process of news gathering, writing and so on. And you need time to learn those rules. So that’s why I don’t think that citizen journalists will replace professional ones.

Q: how do you approach multimedia in your job? you do video? audio? web? which one you like best, and why?

A:I do both audio and video and all of my work ends up online, so obviously, I’m a multimedia enthusiast. Obviously, the journalist of today should have the technical skills to communicate with the audience across all platforms. As for my favorite one – I like them all. To me, the story itself is always more important than the platform. But certain stories are more suitable for certain platforms (for instance, something that works for print may not work for radio or TV and I like the fact that I have the skills to be flexible). And I have to admit that over the past year, I’ve fallen madly in love with radio production and I’m very excited about doing more of it. 

Q:what kind of stories are you interested in? why?

A: I’m actually interested in all kinds of stories – human interest, politics, economy…anything really. I believe you can always make a story good, no matter what the subject. It’s just a matter of good interviewing, good writing and so on. And one of the things I love about journalism is that every day it’s a different story and you get to learn something new. Or, to quote a journalism professor of mine, every day you’re an expert on something else.

and lastly:

Q: do you think the future of journalism is online?

A: Yes. But, that doesn’t mean that TV and radio are dying.

Courious about how Yaldaz sounds?

you can listen to one of Yaldaz’s radio piece here:,,6043500,00.html


Written by Alexander Acosta Osorio

March 28, 2011 at 1:01 pm

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