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Manufacturing demand

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A large pile of half-pint Poland Spring bottles

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Bottled water is one of those products we don’t need but we usually buy, even though tap water is free everywhere.  Because some people have been convinced through advertising that in fact bottled water is better.

In a move to increase sales and literally rip off  consumers companies spends millions of dollars in a business that contaminates the environment and contributes to global pollution.

Do you know that there’s no substantial difference between regular tap water and bottled water?

We all have bought  a bottle of water before, because we have to admit, we are not always close to a free fountain or a tap water source.

But have you ever wondered how much money, time and resources cost to produce a bottle of water?

Once you are exposed to the facts and stop to think about it,  bottled water doesn’t seem so clean anymore.

The true story of bottled water.


Written by Alexander Acosta Osorio

May 4, 2011 at 11:21 am

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