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3 days on the blog road

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If you want to know what’s wrong with a blog, read people’s comments. Usually that’s the best way to find out what works and what is actually bothering readers.

While exploring  viewfinder I came across comments from David Richerby and trekker308, a couple of regular blog commentators  who have pointed out how the text in the galleries obstruct the photographs from full view.

.” At 3:39pm on 11 May 2009, David Richerby wrote:

The new photo galleries are excellent apart from the captions, which obscure the bottom of the photograph. I want to see the caption and the whole of the image at the same time, please! Either put the caption below the photo or display it only while the mouse is over the image, like the navigation buttons. Yes, I could hide and then show the caption but that’s three clicks per image and the captions scroll in annoyingly slowly.”

I think David has a point.

These captions pop up right on the lower part cutting up part of the image. Something most photo enthusiasts find rather irritating ( myself included.)

The fact that you can comment on the BBC website is a feature that connects readers and entitle them to share their views and reflect on a particular topic. This is something you cannot do in the print media and TV. It might seem something simple, but it is a feature that gives blogs an edge over other formats.

Another features that give viewfinder more flexibility are RSS feeds and a tab linking the blog to an external site, such as flickr. These extra features expand the blog’s capacity to inform and they make it part of a bigger web of information, literally.


Written by Alexander Acosta Osorio

February 5, 2011 at 3:29 pm

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